Reseller's New Agent form

To submit new TPI agents please give them the following link: ( or fill in the information for them and submit via this form:


<A HREF="#" onClick="'','formsite', 'toolbar=no,width=600,height=400,left=20,top=20,screenX=20,screenY=20,status=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');return false">New Form</A>  

If you purchased a reseller package on or before 12/31/10, your clients need to pay the standard shipping charge of $5 or you can pay it here.
This does not apply to new memberships!

Or use Paypal. Click below if using PayPal for $5 or multiples of $5.


  • Resellers are permited (and encouraged) to place a link to TPI's website: in their advertising.
  • You may sell our membership for any price as long as the price does not exceed the Individual Membership prices listed on TPI's website:
  • As a reseller, be sure to include the following in any advertising you do regarding TPI memberships:
    Authorized TPI Reseller - ID: (Your Reseller ID).
  • The following words are NOT allowed in any advertising: IATA, IATAN, and/or CLIA.
  • You are NOT allowed, under any circumstances, to issue ID cards of your own. TPI's industry numbers (IATA, CLIA, etc) cannot be printed on anything by a Reseller.
  • Do not bundle the sale of the certificate with any other promotion that you may have. The certificates are to be sold alone.